Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Sibiu Classic Rally 2022
Event date 2022-09-30
Event website https://sibiuclassicrally.ro/
Event code sib22

Number of cars 44 result
Categories C,E,F,G,H,I,DACIA,RET result
Category C 1 result
Category E 1 result
Category F 5 result
Category G 8 result
Category H 23 result
Category I 6 result
Category DACIA 5 result
Category RET 21 result

Number of teams 0 result

Sibiu_Apoldu de Sus ET1 57.51km
Apoldu de Sus_Calnic ET2 23.51km
Calnic_Sibiu ET3 73.04km
Sibiu_Frauendorf ET4 98.07km
Fraundorf_Valea Viilor ET5 16.46km
Valea Viilor_Sibiu ET6 106.09km
Total 374.68km

Regularity trials
Slimnic (TR101) 5.10km MAP result
Mandra (TR102) 2.45km MAP result
Loamnes (TR103) 4.63km MAP result
Alamor (TR104) 6.70km MAP result
Armeni (TR105) 3.19km MAP result
La Borne (TR201) 1.94km MAP result
ASCUNSA1 (HIDE1) 1.10km MAP result
Garbova (TR202) 2.99km MAP result
Reciu (TR204) 1.94km MAP result
La Judet (TR301) 4.88km MAP result
Sibiel (TR302) 2.81km MAP result
Marajdie (TR303) 4.11km MAP result
Podului (TR401) 2.00km MAP result
Torvanti (TR402) 10.58km MAP result
ASCUNSA2 (HIDE2) 1.08km MAP result
Mocanita (TR403) 1.90km MAP result
Altana (TR404) 5.47km MAP result
Mihaileni (TR405) 6.12km MAP result
Buia (TR406) 6.00km MAP result
Boarta (TR407) 5.76km MAP result
DJ142J (TR408) 1.99km MAP result
Unesco (TR409) 3.28km MAP result
Mosna (TR601) 6.54km MAP result
Padurea Zlagnei (TR602) 6.88km MAP result
Pelisor (TR603) 7.54km MAP result
Valea Lupului (TR604) 5.32km MAP result
Vard (TR605) 3.39km MAP result
Padurea Vetea (TR606) 3.23km MAP result
Marpod (TR607) 3.60km MAP result
Regularity stages length 122.52km
% from Total length 32.7%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 16485.92km
Computed controls 88
All saved controls 3598