Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name rally60.edu.01
Event date 2021-10-09
Event website http://www.classiccarclub.ro/retroparada_2021_toamnei/
Event code edu01

Number of cars 23 result
Categories I,E result
Category I 12 result
Category E 11 result

Number of teams 0 result

Etapa 1 ET1 33.00km
Etapa 2 ET2 108.00km
Total 141km

Regularity trials
PEPPERMINT (TR1) 4.97km MAP result
Blajel (TR2) 4.76km MAP result
Medias (TR3) 3.17km MAP result
Nocrich (TR4) 12.72km MAP result
TR5 (TR5) 2.07km MAP result
Regularity stages length 27.69km
% from Total length 19.64%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 3243km
Computed controls 12
All saved controls 242