Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Drumul vinului 2020
Event date 2020-07-17
Event website https://www.facebook.com/Raliul-Drumul-Vinului-2020-105479101222123
Event code dvv20

Number of cars 31 result
Categories C,F,G,H,Y,Dacia,MB result
Category C 1 result
Category F 5 result
Category G 12 result
Category H 10 result
Category Y 3 result
Category Dacia 5 result
Category MB 7 result

Number of teams 0 result

Stage 1 ST1 44.37km
Stage 2 ST2 65.68km
Stage 3 ST3 105.30km
Stage 4 ST4 109.26km
Total 324.61km

Regularity trials
TR01 (TR01) 5.24km MAP result
TR02 (TR02) 6.91km MAP result
TR03 (TR03) 9.21km MAP result
TR04 (TR04) 6.16km MAP result
TR05 (TR05) 6.34km MAP result
TR06 (TR06) 7.59km MAP result
TR07 (TR07) 4.36km MAP result
TR08 (TR08) 2.78km MAP result
TR09 (TR09) 4.18km MAP result
TR10 (TR10) 11.01km MAP result
TR11 (TR11) 5.66km MAP result
TR12 (TR12) 4.74km MAP result
TR14 (TR14) 6.60km MAP result
TR15 (TR15) 7.18km MAP result
Regularity stages length 87.96km
% from Total length 27.1%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 10062.91km
Computed controls 47
All saved controls 1105