Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Raliul memorial Giurgiu 1904 XXIV - 2022
Event date 2022-09-24
Event website http://www.retromobil.ro
Event code mg22

Number of cars 38 result
Categories F,G,H,DACIA,RET,TR,X result
Category F 7 result
Category G 10 result
Category H 21 result
Category DACIA 5 result
Category RET 19 result
Category TR 0 result
Category X 0 result

Number of teams 3 result

ETAPA 1 RMG1904 2022 ET1 163.15km
Total 163.15km

Regularity trials
Popesti (TR101) 8.51km MAP result
Darasti (TR102) 3.53km MAP result
Novaci (TR103) 1.69km MAP result
Posta (TR104) 2.20km MAP result
Ogrezeni (TR105) 3.83km MAP result
Bucsani (TR106) 5.98km MAP result
Bulbucata (TR107) 2.31km MAP result
Mihai Bravu (TR108) 2.46km MAP result
Baneasa (TR109) 6.34km MAP result
Plopsoru (TR110) 3.24km MAP result
Daita (TR111) 1.18km MAP result
Regularity stages length 41.27km
% from Total length 25.3%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 6199.7km
Computed controls 34
All saved controls 1221