Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Carpati Retro 2023 ed. XXIV
Event date 2023-08-25
Event website https://www.facebook.com/events/840470450980576
Event code cr23

Number of cars 37 result
Categories E,F,G,H,I,DACIA,TR,WIM result
Category E 1 result
Category F 5 result
Category G 10 result
Category H 13 result
Category I 7 result
Category DACIA 5 result
Category TR 10 result
Category WIM 0 result

Number of teams 4 result

Etapa 1 Laza ET1 66.50km
Etapa 2 Colinele Tutovei ET2 77.20km
Etapa 3 Floresti ET3 38.50km
Etapa 4 Poienesti ET4 28.50km
Etapa 5 Cucuteni ET5 86.00km
Etapa 6 A.I. Cuza ET6 110.00km
Total 406.7km

Regularity trials
Balteni (PS101) 4.15km MAP result
Sauca (PS102) 1.51km MAP result
Bejenesti (PS103) 3.56km MAP result
Laza (PS104) 2.16km MAP result
Radeni (PS201) 6.42km MAP result
Voinesti (PS202) 6.34km MAP result
Puiesti (PS203) 4.18km MAP result
Pogana (PS204) 6.53km MAP result
Simila (PS301) 3.10km MAP result
Vlahuta (PS302) 9.64km MAP result
Morareni (PS303) 6.09km MAP result
Lipovat (PS501) 4.73km MAP result
Siscani (PS502) 7.04km MAP result
Dimitrie Cantemir (PS503) 3.47km MAP result
Hurdugi (PS504) 3.22km MAP result
Husi (PS601) 2.47km MAP result
Siscani 2 (PS602) 7.04km MAP result
Deleni (PS603) 4.86km MAP result
Barbosi (PS604) 3.99km MAP result
Urdesti (PS605) 6.42km MAP result
Idrici (PS606) 4.46km MAP result
Regularity stages length 101.38km
% from Total length 24.93%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 15047.9km
Computed controls 61
All saved controls 2137