Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Wine and Classics by ZASS
Event date 2022-08-06
Event website http://www.wineandclassics.ro
Event code wac22

Number of cars 29 result
Categories D,E,F,G,H,Y,TR,DACIA,RET result
Category D 1 result
Category E 1 result
Category F 6 result
Category G 6 result
Category H 14 result
Category Y 1 result
Category TR 8 result
Category DACIA 2 result
Category RET 20 result

Number of teams 2 result

Etapa 1 ET1 108.73km
Etapa 2 ET2 66.81km
Etapa 3 ET3 51.62km
Etapa 4 ET4 72.94km
Etapa 5 ET5 45.00km
Etapa 6 ET6 44.35km
Total 389.45km

Regularity trials
Crevedia (TR101) 5.88km MAP result
Butimanu (TR102) 3.77km MAP result
Baltita (TR103) 3.77km MAP result
Calimanetsi (TR104) 5.85km MAP result
Plopu (TR201) 4.60km MAP result
Nisipoasa (TR202) 7.06km MAP result
Urlati (TR203) 7.09km MAP result
Orondis (TR204) 5.92km MAP result
Fantanele (TR205) 2.32km MAP result
Metamorfosis (TR206) 3.90km MAP result
Blaga (TR301) 4.76km MAP result
Pietroasele (TR302) 6.13km MAP result
Clondiru de sus (TR303) 6.63km MAP result
Merei (TR304) 7.61km MAP result
Buzau (TR401) 3.09km MAP result
Costesti (TR402) 9.21km MAP result
Amaru (TR403) 10.44km MAP result
Fantanele (TR404) 7.67km MAP result
Tisa (TR501) 7.71km MAP result
Tisau (TR502) 2.47km MAP result
Leiculesti (TR601) 3.73km MAP result
Sarata Monteoru (TR602) 1.70km MAP result
Regularity stages length 121.31km
% from Total length 31.15%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 11294.05km
Computed controls 72
All saved controls 1978