Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Raliul Drumul Vinului 2023
Event date 2023-08-04
Event website http://classiccarclub.ro/rdv/
Event code rdv23

Number of cars 41 result
Categories D,F,G,H,I,DACIA,WIM,BMW,MB,TR result
Category D 1 result
Category F 5 result
Category G 11 result
Category H 19 result
Category I 5 result
Category DACIA 5 result
Category WIM 1 result
Category BMW 5 result
Category MB 8 result
Category TR 9 result

Number of teams 2 result

Oradea-Camar ET1 99.00km
Camar-Salacea ET2 73.54km
Salacea-Oradea ET3 65.50km
Oradea-Felix-Oradea ET4 83.00km
Oradea city ET5 21.40km
Total 342.44km

Regularity trials
PODGORIA (TR101) 3.80km MAP result
PESTIS (TR102) 3.49km MAP result
ZIDARENI (TR103) 3.95km MAP result
HALMASD (TR104) 4.00km MAP result
CERISA (TR105) 4.23km MAP result
IP (TR106) 7.86km MAP result
ZALNOC (TR201) 8.96km MAP result
PADURE (TR202) 5.77km MAP result
SACASENI (TR203) 8.62km MAP result
SANTAU (TR204) 6.88km MAP result
SALACEA (TR301) 6.07km MAP result
FELIX (TR401) 9.20km MAP result
HIDISELU DE SUS (TR402) 3.94km MAP result
MIERLAU (TR403) 3.78km MAP result
SUMUGIU (TR404) 2.20km MAP result
SUMUGIU BIS (TR405) 2.79km MAP result
HUSASAU DE TINCA (TR406) 10.90km MAP result
KM 51 (TR407) 2.00km MAP result
KM 54 (TR408) 4.95km MAP result
KM 62 (TR409) 3.41km MAP result
CITY (TR501) 24.93km MAP result
Regularity stages length 131.73km
% from Total length 38.47%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 14040.04km
Computed controls 62
All saved controls 2274