Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name WinterFun by LeBaron II - 2022
Event date 2022-02-26
Event website http://www.winterfun.ro
Event code win22

Number of cars 44 result
Categories I,Y,E,M,S,R,TR,ZOOKU result
Category I 24 result
Category Y 9 result
Category E 0 result
Category M 11 result
Category S 0 result
Category R 14 result
Category TR 6 result
Category ZOOKU 3 result

Number of teams 3 result

Stage 1 ST1 62.52km
Stage 2 ST2 26.04km
Stage 3 ST3 69.30km
Stage 4 ST4 97.72km
Total 255.58km

Regularity trials
Budiu (101) 3.11km MAP result
Foi (102) 1.64km MAP result
Balauseri (103) 4.58km MAP result
Coroi (104) 7.52km MAP result
Suplac (105) 1.89km MAP result
Bahnea (106) 10.92km MAP result
Gogan (107) 3.24km MAP result
Bahnea2 (201) 2.58km MAP result
Mica (202) 3.27km MAP result
Ganesti (301) 5.35km MAP result
Deleni (302) 1.67km MAP result
Tarnaveni (303) 3.37km MAP result
DiMaria (304) 6.93km MAP result
Cucerdea (305) 1.95km MAP result
Livezeni (401) 1.63km MAP result
Sanisor (402) 5.28km MAP result
Tompa (403) 2.42km MAP result
Sanvasii (404) 1.92km MAP result
Murgesti (405) 2.16km MAP result
Acatari2 (406) 6.10km MAP result
BERGHIA (407) 8.51km MAP result
BAND (408) 5.03km MAP result
KM26 (409) 8.05km MAP result
Iclanzel (410) 4.00km MAP result
Lechinta (411) 2.10km MAP result
Regularity stages length 105.22km
% from Total length 41.17%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 11245.52km
Computed controls 70
All saved controls 2742