Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Carpati Retro XXII - 2021
Event date 2021-08-27
Event website
Event code cr21

Number of cars 24 result
Categories DACIA,C,F,G,H,WIM result
Category DACIA 6 result
Category C 1 result
Category F 3 result
Category G 9 result
Category H 11 result
Category WIM 15 result

Number of teams 0 result

Etapa 11 ET11 99.63km
Etapa 12 ET12 99.42km
Etapa 13 ET13 15.88km
Etapa 21 ET21 62.00km
Etapa 22 ET22 53.00km
Etapa 23 ET23 83.43km
Total 413.36km

Regularity trials
FRUMUSENI (1101) 3.29km MAP result
NEUDORF (1102) 6.11km MAP result
URUSAU (1103) 8.44km MAP result
DORGOS (1104) 7.61km MAP result
ZABALT (1105) 7.96km MAP result
BATA (1201) 2.82km MAP result
CAPALNAS (1202) 2.00km MAP result
ALIOS (1401) 5.65km MAP result
MASLOC (1402) 7.28km MAP result
1403 (1403) 2.64km MAP result
PISCHIA (1404) 3.27km MAP result
ALBINA (2101) 3.41km MAP result
CHEVERESU MARE (2102) 4.53km MAP result
BACOVA (2103) 3.25km MAP result
SINERSIG (2104) 7.79km MAP result
BUZIAS (2105) 3.33km MAP result
CRICIOVA (2201) 3.84km MAP result
CRIVINA (2202) 6.14km MAP result
FARDEA (2203) 5.59km MAP result
SUDRIAS (2301) 5.24km MAP result
LECUSESTI (2302) 2.54km MAP result
CUTINA (2303) 3.87km MAP result
PARU (2304) 3.64km MAP result
Regularity stages length 110.24km
% from Total length 26.67%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 9920.64km
Computed controls 66
All saved controls 1487