Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Raliul drumul vinului 2021
Event date 2021-07-16
Event website http://www.classiccarclub.ro/rdv
Event code vin21

Number of cars 34 result
Categories BMW,VW,DACIA,F,G,H,WIM result
Category BMW 4 result
Category VW 2 result
Category DACIA 6 result
Category F 4 result
Category G 13 result
Category H 14 result
Category WIM 15 result

Number of teams 2 result

Etapa 1 ET1 80.69km
Etapa 2 ET2 65.85km
Etapa 3 ET3 37.76km
Etapa 4 ET4 106.93km
Etapa 5 ET5 108.38km
Total 399.61km

Regularity trials
HODOS (TR101) 5.17km MAP result
SINIOB (TR103) 5.08km MAP result
CENTURA SACUENI (TR104) 3.34km MAP result
OTOMANI (TR105) 6.08km MAP result
OTOMANI - BUDUSLAU (TR201) 3.67km MAP result
BUDUSLAU - MARGHITA (TR202) 5.67km MAP result
OLOSIG (TR203) 7.40km MAP result
ROSIORI-VAIDA (TR204) 1.43km MAP result
SALARD-SISTEREA (TR301) 5.24km MAP result
SISTEREA-CETARIU (TR302) 10.89km MAP result
PALEU-SALDABAGIU (TR303) 1.98km MAP result
LES-MIERSIG (TR401) 7.50km MAP result
402 (TR402) 6.07km MAP result
HUSASAU DE TINCA (TR403) 3.08km MAP result
404 (TR404) 6.78km MAP result
PETID-SOIMI (TR405) 4.08km MAP result
PETRANI (TR406) 4.80km MAP result
SUDRIGIU DC753 (TR407) 4.76km MAP result
DEALU BITII (TR501) 6.67km MAP result
VINTERE (TR502) 3.73km MAP result
503 (TR503) 8.89km MAP result
504 (TR504) 13.41km MAP result
505 (TR505) 3.23km MAP result
506 (TR506) 5.89km MAP result
Regularity stages length 134.84km
% from Total length 33.74%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 13586.74km
Computed controls 90
All saved controls 2715