Rezultate LIVE - partiale / provizorii

Main details
Event name Castle Rally by EHRLE 2021
Event date 2021-05-21
Event website http://www.castelrally.ro
Event code ccr21

Number of cars 56 result
Categories X,VW,R,Y,DACIA,E,F,G,H,WIM result
Category X 5 result
Category VW 3 result
Category R 13 result
Category Y 2 result
Category DACIA 4 result
Category E 2 result
Category F 9 result
Category G 12 result
Category H 28 result
Category WIM 31 result

Number of teams 5 result

Stage 1 ST1 74.56km
Stage 2 ST2 93.36km
Stage 3 ST3 99.63km
Stage 4 ST4 124.90km
Total 392.45km

Regularity trials
BERGHIA (TR101) 8.53km MAP result
BAND (TR102) 5.03km MAP result
KM26 (TR103) 8.05km MAP result
Iclanzel (TR104) 4.00km MAP result
Lechinta (TR105) 2.10km MAP result
Cucerdea (TR106) 6.52km MAP result
Tarnaveni (TR201) 2.94km MAP result
Adamus (TR202) 5.74km MAP result
Sibiu county (TR203) 5.30km MAP result
Sibiu 2 (TR204) 5.37km MAP result
Blajel (TR205) 5.93km MAP result
Deleni (TR206) 8.68km MAP result
Deleni35 (TR207) 1.41km MAP result
GLODENI (TR301) 6.07km MAP result
LACURI (TR302) 6.88km MAP result
78 (TR303) 5.94km MAP result
ADRIAN (TR304) 2.47km MAP result
GURGHIU (TR305) 6.38km MAP result
Reghin (TR401) 4.05km MAP result
Goreni (TR402) 1.73km MAP result
Batos (TR403) 5.21km MAP result
Monor (TR404) 6.74km MAP result
Sieu (TR405) 1.98km MAP result
Teleki (TR406) 3.20km MAP result
Milas (TR407) 5.06km MAP result
Mures (TR408) 4.78km MAP result
Raciu (TR409) 3.56km MAP result
Regularity stages length 133.65km
% from Total length 34.06%

GPS statistics
Full length followed for all cars 21977.2km
Computed controls 72
All saved controls 3623